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Master of Science in Global Medicine

Admissions Announcement

Application for Summer 2019 admission are now being accepted. Deadline for Summer 2019 applications is March 31, 2019. Please contact the Global Medicine Program Office with questions.

Global Medicine

Offered by the Department of Medical Educational Affairs, the Master of Science in Global Medicine (MSGM) answers the urgent, worldwide need for professional training in concepts of global medicine. Students in this program will gain the strong medical science foundation needed to analyze, understand and solve worldwide health issues. Program study emphasizes methods used in addressing global diseases and finding innovative new solutions for preventing global health crises. In addition to the basic concepts of global medicine, students will delve into specific issues including malaria, tuberculosis, tropical diseases, HIV / AIDS, and maternal & child health.

With opportunities to study outside the U.S. and instruction from the outstanding faculty of the Keck School of Medicine of USC, the Global Medicine program offers students unparalleled preparation for careers in global healthcare. A community of dedicated students, the Global Medicine program prepares those with ambition to improve the health of the world to succeed in their goals.

Global Citizenship

The Keck School of Medicine encourages students to embrace their role as global citizens who recognize and respect the basic needs and cultural values of others. The Master of Science in Global Medicine program takes special interest in engendering an understanding of importance of the idea of a shared global community among its students, many of whom have professional ambitions involving international travel and clinical practice. While providing training that allows students to share their knowledge, ideas, and resources across the nation and around the globe, the MSGM program also fosters an understanding of the capacity students have to be leaders in the community of humankind. As global citizens, students are asked to work toward a world in which people's most common needs are met, and to approach future patients, clients, colleagues and partners with these considerations in mind.

Message from the Program Director

Dr. Elahe Nezami, MSGM Program Director
Elahe Nezami, Ph.D.

Welcome to the Global Medicine program! As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the health and wellness of the global population becomes even more important. The Master of Science in Global Medicine (MSGM) program was developed with this in mind, as the Keck School of Medicine of USC values novel approaches to examining and improving health at the global level. A program of the Division of Medical Educational Affairs, the Global Medicine program prepares students to answer current and emerging health challenges around the world.

By emphasizing cultural competence and exploring the transmission, expression, and treatment of diseases in the context of a population's geographical location, cultural traditions, and access to resources, MSGM studies encompass a broader view of the complicating factors affecting health in a given region. Such an approach demands that students consider these factors in seeking solutions to health challenges, and think of new ways to treat patients and promote long-term health.

It is our hope that the unique courses, research experiences, and study abroad opportunities available to MSGM students will grant them new skills and knowledge to become scholars who enhance our community both at USC, and around the world.

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